Invest into AVAX Moonlings before the stocks rise!

All AVAX Moonling holders get exclusive early access to new crypto projects. If you're on our whitelist, you'll get access to the AVAX Moonlings network events, parties and vacations as well.


Join the AVAX Moonlings Community

Earn reflective rewards and royalties

Enjoy exclusive events, parties and vacations

Why you need an AVAX Moonling

Real world utility

NFT's are cool, but did you know they can function as a ticket as well?

By owning an AVAX Moonling, you gain access to real world utility.

Whitelist opportunities

All AVAX Moonling holders are able to invest in new crypto projects.

Through whitelist access we hope to make profit before it goes public.

Exclusive real life events

Some AVAX Moonlings have better access than others.

With the right tier you even gain access to parties and vacations.

More reasons to be part of the AVAX Moonlings community

Moonlings make a positive impact on the world. After a full mint 100k will be donated to charity. NFT holders can vote on which charity the Moonlings support. Join Discord to be part of the community.

Reflective rewards and royalties

The AVAX Moonlings use the new reflectionary minting system that earns Moonling holders AVAX. 10% of every minting fee is reflected back to existing holders.

250k in crypto giveaways

If you help gather (mint) the Moonlings, you have a chance of winning many crypto prizes. One lucky holder will actually win 100k in AVAX.

Support a charity with 100k

Help decide what charity Moonlings should support. Like most of our choices, which charity we'll support is decided by community vote.

Win a Tesla ... twice

We are giving away two Tesla cars. By having a Moonling you are able to join a contest where two Moonling holders can win a Tesla car each.

What's the benefit of an AVAX Moonlings UFO?

All AVAX Moonlings UFO holders will be rewarded with unique perks.


Just by holding an AVAX Moonlings UFO, you will be airdropped rewards.

Whitelist access

By holding an AVAX Moonlings UFO, you will be the first to mint a Moonling.

Use your UFO NFT

In the Metaverse, your hovering UFO will be a recognizable asset!

Moonlings Animated

How to join the AVAX Moonlings whitelist

Join the AVAX Moonlings whitelist by minting an AVAX Moonlings UFO. Only after minting an AVAX Moonlings UFO you will get early access to mint the AVAX Moonlings NFT.

Get your unique NFT!

Secure your spot now!

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136/420 whitelist spots minted

2.5 AVAX / AVAX Moonling UFO

moonling in a tesla

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Please be aware that this project is a community effort. You have to be 18 years or older to participate with the contests and giveaways. Please check your local jurisdiction to participate with anything this websites promotes. All information on this website can be changed, nothing is definitive.