About AVAX Moonlings

The 10.000 unique AVAX Moonlings NFT project is more than just an NFT. AVAX Moonlings NFT holders enjoy many benefits early available for them.

Reflective rewards and royalties

Network events, parties and vacations

Whitelist early access to new projects

All AVAX Moonlings have great real world access

Whitelist opportunities for other crypto projects

All AVAX Moonling holders are able to invest in new crypto projects. Through whitelist access we hope to make profit for our community members and AVAX Moonlings NFT holders when a project goes public.

How it works

There are some Moonlings that grant their holders more access than others. These rarer Moonlings can be recognized by their tier and body.

Tier Rarity

moonlings rarity

Tier Access


All AVAX Moonlings holders benefit from early access to new innovative crypto projects. Raise and thrive.

Network & Investing Exclusive Parties

The background color of your NFT decides what tier Moonling you have. Naked, Mystic, Legendary and Cosmic have extra access than Uncommon and Rare. Mystic, Legendary and Cosmic tier Moonling holders have access to network & investing events and exclusive parties.

Exclusive Vacations

Naked, Legendary and Cosmic tier Moonlings have access to exclusive vacations. You'd be smart to keep hold of them.

Real World Utility

Body Access

Not only the tier of your AVAX Moonling grants you access to real lift events. The body of your Moonling is worth a lot as well!

Body Utility


The AVAX Moonlings have 10% reflective rewards, 2% original minters royalties and 3% marketplace holder redistribution. To recycle traction into progression we have implemented 1% dev fee as well.

Reflective rewards

10% of every minting fee is reflected back to existing AVAX Moonlings holders.

Original minter royalties

Original minters of AVAX Moonlings earn 2% royalties each time their AVAX Moonling is resold.

Marketplace holder redistribution

3% marketplace holder redistribution bonus each time an AVAX Moonling is sold.

Moonlings Animated

Thank you!

Our team thanks all current and future UFO minters! With your help we are now able to start paid advertising to further grow the community and project. We want to thank all UFO minters for supporting while we continue to work on the AVAX Moonlings. Much love, and thanks again from the AVAX Moonlings team.



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136/420 whitelist spots minted

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Please be aware that this project is a community effort. You have to be 18 years or older to participate with the contests and giveaways. Please check your local jurisdiction to participate with anything this websites promotes. All information on this website can be changed, nothing is definitive.